R&J Industrade Co.,Ltd. founded in 2008, has more than 15 years of professional tool industry experience.We mainly sell high-performance Moulder drills, 880 installation U drills, high-performance grooving inserts, high-performance taps, high-performance gear hobbing cutters and other products .

From 2008 to 2015, R&J company‘s main business is to do the import and export trade of cutting tools, and the main brands include Taegutec, Mitsubishi, Lamina, Kennametal, Iscar, Sumitomo, ZCC and other brands. Because of our large purchase volume, each brand has a very good price advantage. Our products are exported to all countries in the world. Because of the advantageous price, quality guarantee and high-quality service, we have won a certain popularity in the international market industry.

From 2017 to now , as the main partner company of the world's two major brands in China, R&J Industrade Co.,Ltd. obtain the top source of high-quality products in China through joint venture with the factory ,R&J brand has carried out comprehensive promotion and market management of brand products in the Chinese market. After continuous trial operation throughout China, R&J Industrade Co.,Ltd has a better understanding of the product performance advantages of each brand from the technical and product aspects. Also because of the rise of China's domestic cutting tools, from 2017 years, we have selected products from several tens of thousands of Chinese products that are comparable to the quality of world famous brands, and set up R&J brand, winning customers' trust and respect with high-quality products and low prices. Because very few companies in China can carry out a large number of external tests on various cutting tools in various industries nationwide, we have spent six years and more than 30 technicians to conduct a large number of product tests over 1000 end users, so as to select the Chinese products with the highest cost performance ratio to provide them to the international market, so as to enhance the product competitiveness of our international customers.

Therefore, no matter from the price of brand products or from the quality of Chinese products, we are the best cutting tool company in the world, and we must be your first choice in the international market.